SELENA YAPI MALZEMELERI SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Acetoxy Silicone, Adhesives, Polyurethane Foam, Construction Chemical, Pu Foam, Foam Adhesive, Sealant, Mounting Adhesive
KIMTEKS POLIURETAN SAN. TIC. A.S. Polyurethane, Polyurethane For Boots, Polyurethane For Shoes, Polyurethane For Footwears, Polyurethane For Slippers, Polyurethane For Soles, Shoe Systems, Flexible Foam Systems
BETA KIMYA SAN. TIC. A.S. Glue, Adhesive, Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, Foam, Polyurethane Foam, Silicone, Sealant, Technical Aerosol
KORAMIC YAPI KIMYASALLARI SAN. VE TIC. A.S. Construction Chemicals, Construction Chemistry, Polyurethane Products, Polyurethane Product, Adhesives, Grout Materials, Flooring Products, Water Proofing Materials
PANEKSPORT DIS TIC. A.S. Cold Room Panel, Cold Room Door, Cold Room, Panel, Door, Floor Panel, Panel Accessories, Door Accessories
DEMMERG KIMYA SAN. VE TIC. A. S. 3d Floor Covering, 3d Flooring, Chemicals, Construction, Construction Chemical, Epoxy, Epoxy Floor Coverings, Epoxy Paint

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BETA Kimya A.S., founded in 1987, took its first step into adhesive industry with the production of furniture glues. BETA Kimya A.S., always adds value to the chemical industry with its superior quality adhesive products. BETA Kimya A.S. continued its rapid growth with the Apel and Mitreapel generic brands. Today, BETA Kimya A.S. has expanded its product family with more than 100 different varieties produced.
With our experience which started in 1995, we have successfully delivered many projects in the field of refrigeration and cold room depots and offer professional service to you with our valued customer
Since 1983, Kimteks Kimya Tekstil Urunleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. has been supplying raw materials to different industries such as artificial leather, sole, rubber, adhesive and paint. In 1999, Kimteks, with a "Polyurethane System House" investment, started the production, sales and distribution of the main production groups: Footwear, Flexible Foam, Rigid Foam and Case Systems. Kimteks has been growing every year and has been one of the most important product suppliers in the industries it has been operating in. At the end of 2015, Kimteks, with its 36-year experience, decided to split into two companies within two different business lines: Kimteks Kimya & Kimteks Polyurethane. While Kimteks Kimya continues in the business lines of distributorship and trading, Kimteks Polyurethane, continues the production and sales operations performed within the scope of "Polyurethane System House", as a leading firm in the industry with its new structure in all processes. Being the first and wholly-domestic polyurethane system manufacturer, it continues to provide tailor-made solutions through its technology and R&D investments. With its new brand name "KIMPUR", Kimteks Polyurethane's quality and service approach keystones are continuous improvement, investment in human resources, ability to adapt to change, and strong communication networks with its all stakeholders. It's Kimpur's principle to achieve these goals without compromising the environment, human health and ethical values. KIMPUR aims to maintain its success and leading position in the industry by primarily focusing on the satisfaction of its suppliers, customers and employees.
Our company continues its investments in AR-GE department unconditionally and without limits, construction chemicals , epoxy and polyurethane floor coating systems,all materials are designed and produced by itself. In this context, we continue to develop new products.
Selena Group is a global manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of construction chemicals for professional contractors and home users. The Group comprises 30 subsidiary companies and state of the art manufacturing plants which produce polyurethane foams, sealants, adhesives, ETICS components and waterproofing materials. Established in 1992, Selena was one of the pioneers offering modern construction chemicals on the Polish market. Today, Selena Group employs more than 1700 people and is among the top three manufacturers of one component polyurethane foam in the world. Our effective distribution network covering Europe, Asia, North & South America reaches 42 000 customers and millions of end users all over the world. Thanks to an integrated research & development function with laboratories in Poland, Spain, Turkey and China, Selena invests in innovative solutions that change the way we build for the better, and continuously expands its product portfolio. The global experience gained in diverse local markets allows the Selena Group to develop fast and to create solutions tailored to the needs of the users. Manufacturing plants located in Poland, Spain, China, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Romania and Kazakhstan cater to the growing demand for Selena products.
In 1998, Koramic Building Chemicals was established in accordance with a 50-50% Partnership Agreement between Koramic Building Products S.A., a Belgium Company, and Eczacibasi Group, e.g. one of the largest groups of Turkey. 100% of shares in the company were transferred to Koramic Group pursuant to an agreement concluded in June 2011,and the new trade title of the company became Koramic Yapi Kimyasallari Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi Objectives of the Company are to pioneer the development and production of new products for construction sector and building chemicals sector in Turkey; to make contributions to the maintenance of quality in sectoral products; and to produce systematic solutions in the field of appropriate use of these products. Koramic Building Chemicals owns a factory in Bozuyuk with an annual capacity of 100.000 tons, and another factory in Tarsus with an annual capacity of 160.000 tons, both being equipped with the most advanced technologies of Turkey and Europe, and thus has an overall annual production capacity of 160.000 tons for production of adhesive mortars, joint fillers, water insulation materials, self-adhesive alums, primer and plaster additives, post-application cleaning and maintenance products, repair and surface smoothing plasters, tile application tools, polyurethane- and epoxy-based ground coating and water insulation materials, and outer facade thermal insulation systems. Koramic Building Chemicals serves the building sector with 122 different types of products including Cermix, which is to be introduced to Turkish market in 2011, in addition to VitrA Fix and VitrA Therm brands The Group was established as the first ceramic tile manufacturer of Belgium in 1883; was renamed as KOCERAM in 1991; created new brands in construction sector between 1994 and 2002; grew by means of acquisitions globally; and, finally in 2005, converted into a holding organization operating in the fields of industry and finance under the name ‘Koramic Investment Group’ Since 1964, Koramic Building Products S.A., one of the Group Companies, has been manufacturing Cermix brand building chemicals, which are widely known and consumed in many European countries including France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Italy, and etc. The fundamental objective of Koramic Building Chemicals in offering Cermix brand to Turkish professionals is to play an active role at markets of neighbor countries in addition to the introduction to Turkey of this brand which is already known and used widely at abroad. With Cermix brand which includes a total of 58 products under three main product categories, it is aimed to make a significant contribution to the process of brandization in Turkey as well as in neighbor countries through offering of epoxy and polyurethane systems, ceramic adhesives, joint fillers and maintenance products, and outer facade insulation materials. Koramic Building Chemicals draws interest by means of it approach of stabile quality and service network sustained for years both at abroad and in Turkey, and proves to be a company which offers quality and systematic solutions to construction sector. Being well aware of the importance of being close to customers in order to improve brand awareness and increase market share, and of the fact that the ability to offer quality at more affordable prices and in a faster manner is based on an appropriate manner of growth logistically, Koramic is in a fast process of establishing new manufacturing plants in 2012. With its experience of over 110 years in the global sector of building chemicals, and a successful history of 13 years in Turkish market, the Company aims to continue its way by increasing its investments in Turkey and neighbor countries, and to become the pioneer, leading, reliable, and innovative company of the sector.